There is perhaps no greater example of the diversity and genuine musical talent held within the scene than Bristol’s own Joker. He has risen to prominence with a sound fusing synth-laden melodies, computer game sound effects, RnB chord progressions, the raw bass of Dubstep and nods to UK garage, early 90’s West Coast gangsta rap and grime.

Joker’s music is far from the standard hard-edged dance floor bassline ‘wobble’, even with all its experimental and innovative elements, it is music you could easily imagine being used to propel an American RnB superstar to number one. Think stellar producers Timbaland and the Neptunes, with a distinctive British Dubstep and grime bass infused flavour.

Joker describes his music as ‘purple’, as this is the colour he says he sees when making or hearing his music. Incidentally, hearing colours in music is one side effect of the condition synaesthesia, a dissociation of the senses that causes those with the condition to “hear” in colour, or to “taste” sound


While your answer to that question may yet be “nothing”, you’re certain to be familiar with the city of Bristol’s rich bass-music heritage…

And in a place world-renowned for its ever-booming and notoriously discerning underground music scene, from dubstep and D&B, to reggae and hip-hop, to garage and funky; right now there’s one name on every raver’s lips and every promoter’s line-up – Central Spillz.

Since convening in early 2009, this seven-strong collective of lyricists and DJ/producers hailing from across the UK and the full spectrum of bass-heavy music has rapidly forged a reputation as one of the most unique and exciting new acts working within UK underground music. As one magazine recently said of their sound, this really is “hip-hop for the rave generation”.

Live, Central Spillz are devastatingly good. The faultlessly rehearsed and feverishly energetic performances that are the heartbeat of their existence are never less than incendiary and always guaranteed to entertain. Recent shows have even seen the guys sporting white lab coats and wicked smiles as they free-pour booze straight down the throats of the elated crowds. So, while they may take their music seriously, Central Spillz are definitely not afraid to party and always ensure their audiences are having just as much fun as they are…

Meanwhile, studio tracks with hotter-than-hell Bristolian producers such as Joker, Guido, Statix and of course the crew’s very own Interface have been grabbing the attentions of some of dance music’s biggest stars and most respected publications.

Perfectly embodying the increasingly open-minded, ‘mash-up’ approach to bass-heavy dance music that so defines the current musical zeitgeist, Central Spillz truly are the sound of a new generation, flaunting a staggering breadth of influence and variety of talent that sets them apart from the crowd.

Now, with their live show polished to perfection and a solid raft of studio work behind them (including their forthcoming first full-length LP ‘Space Travel’), Central Spillz are poised to explode from the local to the national stage

Joker and TC produce this banging new tune…ripped from annie mac’s show 29 Jan 2010